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Compiler plugins that call inputFile.addJavaScript orinputFile.addStylesheet may now delay expensive compilation work bypassing partial options ( path, hash ) as the first argument,followed by a callback function as the second argument, which will becalled by the build system once it knows the module will actually beincluded in the bundle. For example, here's the old implementation ofBabelCompiler#processFilesForTarget:

The command-line meteor tool no longer invokes node with the--expose-gc flag. Although this flag allowed the build process to bemore aggressive about collecting garbage, it was also a source ofproblems in Meteor 1.5.2 and Node 4.8.4, from increased segmentationfaults during (the more frequent) garbage collections to occasionalslowness in rebuilding local packages. The flag is likely to return inMeteor 1.6, where it has not exhibited any of the same problems.

To reduce the total number of file descriptors held open by the Meteorbuild system, native file watchers will now be started only for filesthat have changed at least once. This new policy means you may have towait up to 5000msfor changes to be detected when you first edit a file, but thereafterchanges will be detected instantaneously. In return for that smallinitial waiting time, the number of open file descriptors will now bebounded roughly by the number of files you are actively editing, ratherthan the number of files involved in the build (often thousands), whichshould help with issues like#8648. If you need todisable the new behavior for any reason, simply set theMETEOR_WATCH_PRIORITIZE_CHANGED environment variable to "false", asexplained in PR #8866.

Due to changes in how Cordova generates version numbers for iOS and Androidapps, you may experience issues with apps updating on user devices. To avoidthis, consider managing the buildNumber manually'buildNumber', 'XXX'); in mobile-config.js. There are additionalconsiderations if you have been setting android:versionCode orios-CFBundleVersion. See#7205 and#6978 for more information.

There is a completely new API for defining build plugins that cache theiroutput. There are now special APIs for defining linters and minifiers inaddition to compilers. The core Meteor packages for less, coffee, stylusand html files have been updated to use this new API. Read more on theWiki page. 1e1e36bf2d

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