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RAR is a proprietary archive file format that supports data compression, error correction and file spanning.[3] It was developed in 1993 by Russian software engineer Eugene Roshal and the software is licensed by win.rar GmbH.[3] The name RAR stands for Roshal Archive.

The filename extensions used by RAR are .rar for the data volume set and .rev for the recovery volume set. Previous versions of RAR split large archives into several smaller files, creating a "multi-volume archive". Numbers were used in the file extensions of the smaller files to keep them in the proper sequence. The first file used the extension .rar, then .r00 for the second, and then .r01, .r02, etc.

I have created a .rar using winrar that contains images and upload as a static resource, but when i tried to access the images they are not displaying on my vf pages. I looked in "View Page Source" rendered HTML and clicked the rendered resource link and it displays in a blank page with black background with the following error,

As far as I used .zip and without any issue. In salesforce documentations also they have mentioned that .zip and .jar will work but nothing mentioned about .rar

Similar in purpose to ZIP files, RAR files are data containers in which one or more files are stored in compressed form. RAR is a proprietary format under copyright, along with RAR's compression applications and libraries to Alexander Roshal, brother of Eugene Roshal. RAR files are the native format for WinRAR software and can only be created through this tool which is licensed to win.rar GmbH although there are several options to open RAR files. See External Dependencies for details.

If you need to uncompress a .rar archive in Linux, you can download a program called unrar. If you are using Ubuntu or Debian, you can install unrar by opening a terminal and typing sudo apt-get install unrar. Then read the instructions by typing man unrar.

Files that use the .rar file extension are archive files that have been created by the WinRAR file archiving software. The WinRAR application takes large files or collections of files and compresses those files into a single archive file.

When the WinRAR archiver creates an archive, the resulting archive file is given the .rar file extension. RAR files are very similar to ZIP files but WinRAR uses a different compression algorithm, often resulting in smaller files.

RAR is a proprietary archive format, so you need third-party software to open and extract it on your Mac. In this post, we show you our favorite software to use for this, as well as some alternative ways to open .rar files in macOS.

RAR files are a common archive file format, alongside ZIP files. Named after the Russian developer who created them, Roshal ARchive files compress large amounts of data into a single .rar format file for convenient transfer.

You usually encounter RAR files when downloading content from the Internet. This is because .rar files reduce the download size and bundle documents and folders into a single download. RAR files also feature password protection and error recovery!

ZIP format files open natively with macOS, simply double click the .zip file and it extracts automatically. RAR format files are more complicated, but it is possible to open and extract .rar files on a Mac.

Keka is an open source alternative to The Unarchiver. As well as letting you extract and open .rar files on your Mac, you can also use Keka to create your own archive files in a range of other formats.

You can extract and open .rar files online, although you sacrifice an element of privacy in doing so. There are several websites available to use, we suggest you check user reviews to find the best one for you.

Visit the site of your choice and upload the .rar file from your Mac. Extract.Me even allows you to select .rar files from Google Drive or Dropbox. After uploading your file, the extracted contents should begin downloading to your Mac.

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