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Avicii - Waiting For Love

Avicii - Waiting For Love =====

The music video was directed by Sebastian Ringler. It begins with an old man (Sten Elfström) being taken care of by his wife (Ingrid Wallin) who then disappears one night along with some of her belongings. Upon discovering his wife missing in the morning, the man frantically searches the house and finds no trace of her. Distraught and despondent, he looks at a picture of his wife from the past before he leaves home on his mobility scooter the next day to search for her. He roams through the countryside on his scooter, witnessing many sights and wonders in his journey; including a bridge, a city, a beach, a marsh, snowy mountains, and numerous grasslands and forests. As the man's journey continues, he experiences flashbacks of him and his wife in happier times, all the while growing as a person and making unlikely friends as well as performing many good deeds along the way. He ultimately returns to his home city in the midst of a celebration and is welcomed as a celebrity, as well as discovering his wife waiting for him as they reunite and embrace in joy.[6]

So once again, this is a song touting the power of love. The second verse in particular deals with it from an interpersonal perspective. However, in general it seems to be espousing the concept of love in all of its various manifestations and presents it as being an undefeatable force. And all the narrator wants in life is the one he loves very much. He is therefore hoping against hope that this person will come his way. He misses their presence and love so much. If only he could be in the company of his love, then sunshine and happiness would be with him all his days.

The Pop Song Professor project is all about helping music lovers like you to better understand the deeper meanings of popular song lyrics so that you know what your artist is saying and can enjoy your music more.

Of course, he soon grows tired of the club, finding no satisfaction in the drink or women there that these other men enjoy, and he continues searching for a higher, deeper love (likely the entire message of the song encapsulated in about 15 seconds of film). He won't be satisfied with the sex alone (what many think of as love) at the club and longs for his friend, his best friend, his wife.

But what do we use to make that change Aldred sings that "if there's love in this life, there's no obstacle / That can't be defeated." I don't think that this is a romantic love because, other than the word "love," there's no mention of any romance whatsoever. If I had to guess, I'd say that "Waiting for Love" is about a search for higher love--something deeper.

In the Pre-Chorus, Aldred sings, "For every tyrant, a tear for the vulnerable." We pity those who are taken advantage of by evil people who have no love for others, and we recognize that even those people have a potential for love and good: "In every lost soul, the bones of a miracle." In fact, the tear cried could be coming from the soft part of the tyrant's heart, but Avicii doesn't make that clear. Of course, if we can "believe in" love and if we "dream," Avicii and Aldred believe we, the "dreamer[s]," will be "unstoppable."

In the Second Verse, Aldred sings that "We are one of a kind--irreplaceable." He's singing about how we need to embrace our uniqueness and love others in the ways we can. He doesn't want to be "blind" or "cynical" and knows that "[i]f there's love in this life, we're unstoppable / No we can't be defeated."

Avicii and Aldred finish the song with the Chorus, which summarizes the stages of the search for love using the days of the week. Aldred sings that Monday, considered the hardest day of the week "left me broken" and that Tuesday "I was through with hoping." Within two days, he had given up, but decides to try again on Wednesday, where he sings that his "empty arms were open"--he's daring to hope again.

Thursday, he knew what he was "waiting for"--"love." He knew the only thing that would satisfy his broken heart was true lov


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