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Temple Run Oz Hacked

The essence of the game is widely known. You play the character of a person at an ancient temple who is being chased by the most threatening demons. You try to get away from them which is why you end up running.

Temple Run Oz Hacked

The running is not without its obstacles because the temple is mostly destroyed and you are running on the most difficult paths that have trees growing out that may tackle you and make you lose your balance. The path is sometimes broken also and you have to make sure to jump over the broken paths or run on the sides. The path is very narrow with the chance of you falling off in an instant if you lose your focus.

As you are in the temple, you have to get away with the treasures that you have collected. The creatures and demons in the game chase after you to stop you from escaping. You have to run at the fastest speeds to get away from these creatures. Do not let the creatures catch you because if they do, the game will be over.

The temple in the game is very tricky and has all the obstacles and hurdles to make your run even more difficult. There will be fire on your path that you have to jump over or slide under, the broken bridges are tricky and can easily make you fall off. The multiple hurdles can slow you down so that the creatures can catch up with you.

Endless Run Oz MOD APK Game gives you the ultimate running experience.Survive a barrage of perils in the lost time as you run through the forest.To be a true runner, run for your life in the strange temple!In the forest, a superhero or princess runner.

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