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Download the js-resolver.js file or jq-resolver.min.js (recommended) file from dist folder and include it in your page either in the section or just before the closing tag of the section.


Hello,I'm trying out prismicw/vue 3 and following along w/video here . I'm a bit confused because Lucie Haberer is not using a link-resolver.js file but a prismic.js file. I can't find any info on this config file in the documents. Which is the correct way and when do you use prismic.js? Thanx..

Note: Pre-Octane apps, by default, have component templates in app/templates/components. As a result, you will see app/templates/components/tags.hbs instead of app/components/tags.hbs. In Octane apps, app/resolver.js is no longer present. 041b061a72


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