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Kerri Chandler - Sunrise

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Kerri Chandler - Sunrise

Being spontaneous in the moment and getting interesting sounds that only that club has. For instance at Sub Club I recorded the train outside and the bingo caller outside. In Printworks I used a very old piano in that venue, that nobody even payed attention to this piano was in a green room in another part of the building, Besides it being written on by various artists that played at That club that piano was alone and forgotten, I wanted to fix that. I made it a big part of the track I made there. At club Barbarellas at the end of the song I used the sounds of the Cicadas that Croatia is known for in that are its and outside venue and Dora Dora the singer for that track is From Croatia. De Markantine was one of my favorite clubs and a places where I could be very expressive and just play everything with such a open minded audience. Mona Lee the singer on that track really expressed and sang exactly how that club felt to us. If anyone is interested the videos of each place and song its available on . Or if you have any of the samplers or the album just scan the QR Code on it, that will take you right to the website and a bio of each club with a few videos and photos. 59ce067264


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